Getting Started

Starting Database with Docker

docker run --name <docker_name>
-d -p 5432:5432 postgres:13.3
docker exec -it <docker_name> bash
psql -U postgres

Installing PostgreSQL on windows


Installing PostgreSQL on MacOS

Setup and Basics : using apt

sudo apt-get install postgresql
Usage commands
service postgresql
Switch to default user
sudo su postgres

Getting Started

Connect to a database

Connection options:
-h, --host=HOSTNAME
# database server host or socket directory
# (default: "local socket")
-p, --port=PORT
# database server port
# (default: "5432")
-U, --username=USERNAME
# database user name (default: "root")
-w, --no-password
# never prompt for password
-W, --password
# force password prompt (should happen automatically)
  1. 1.
    Here port : 5432 is default and can be get from psql --help
  2. 2.
    postgres is the super user. Create another user and connect using that.
  3. 3.
    to connect to database with user :
\c db_name user_name


-- to list all tables
-- to list all databases
-- to list all table spaces
-- to list all schemas
-- to list all indices
-- to list all sequences
-- to list all roles
-- to list data types
-- to list all domain datatypes
-- to list all views
-- to list previous commands
-- to list Command History
-- to run command from file
\i filename
-- it should be inside the server
-- to list help
\h create table
-- to display null
\pset null (null)
-- to make terminal better
\pset linestyle unicode
\pset border 2
-- to watch a command in time
\watch 2
-- to turn on timing

Load Data

Download the sample data file from here
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